Saving the Future for Your Children and Grandchildren

Dear Church,

We are in a battle. A battle of good versus evil. A battle for the future of America – a country founded on freedom for the sake of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ at home and around the world.

Over 30 years ago, R. Arthur Mathew wrote the following in the preface to his book, Born for Battle, yet it still applies today:

“My burden relates to the flood of evil that the devil is flowing into the world and at the same time the passivity of many of God’s saints as they view this state of affairs and their ignorance of the part God expects them to play in His warfare against Satan.”

Christians are being dragged from their homes in Afghanistan and executed for having the Bible app on their phone, while much of the American church is focused on self-fulfillment and personal improvement, leading many to forget that we were meant to be soldiers in a spiritual battle.

What is at stake? Loss of Our Freedom

Speaking to a packed room of 1,000 leaders at the Batavia Leadership Summit in Cornerstone Church, Batavia, NY, Mario Murillo called upon the church to set aside our differences and come against the largest existential threat to our freedom that Americans have ever seen. So many laws have been written during the past two years to remove our freedom that would have been unthinkable to the previous generation. The COVID pandemic has been, and continues to be, a tragedy, but it has exposed profound issues in America that threaten the principles of freedom and order that we Americans take for granted.

“There has been an unprecedented exertion of power by the government since last March—issuing unilateral decrees, ordering the closure of businesses, churches, and schools, restricting personal movement, mandating behavior, and suspending indefinitely basic freedoms. The acquiescence of the American people to such destructive, arbitrary, and wholly unscientific rules, restrictions, and mandates has been shocking.” – Hillsdale College

But it wasn’t just the government that was pushing for greater controls. Anxiety prefers a bias towards action. People who are fearful want someone to “do something”, but the “something” is not always necessary or, in the end, effective. And it comes with a cost – loss of freedom – and the struggle to balance the two is nothing new. Benjamin Franklin responded to this struggle with the famous statement “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Socialism and Religion Do Not Mix

America is facing another challenge to her freedom – the ever increasing embrace of socialism – even from the church. Today’s religious leaders don’t always recognize that socialism is anti-Christian because our universities have failed to teach the truth, instead criticizing anti-communism and anti-socialism. Why do we know that communism and socialism are antithetical to religion? The communists and socialists told us they are.

“Communism begins where atheism begins.” – Karl Marx

That was a mild assessment from a man who wrote that “there is nothing more abominable than religion,” and “all worship of a divinity is a necrophilia.” (sexual attraction towards or a sexual act involving corpses.) Once the Bolsheviks took over Russia, atheism was required of Party officials. Any lingering religious sentiment by the Party member had to be purged.

“Marxism has always regarded all modern religions and churches, and each and every religious organization, as instruments of bourgeois reaction that serve to defend exploitation and to befuddle the working class…” – Vladimir Lenin

Former DNC chair Tom Perez, stated that democratic socialists like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent “the future of our party.” What’s troubling about Ocasio-Cortez is what she represents: the sudden shocking support (current polling shows a majority of Democratic voters prefer socialism to capitalism) for a failed ideology now being blithely embraced by millions of millennials oblivious to its history, and socialism increasingly seen as a ‘badge of pride’ in the US. It is time to wake up and realize a hard truth. As Murillo told the church leaders at the summit, we will not have a church at all if today’s Democratic party (and any enabling Republicans) are allowed to do all they want to do. Because they are marching straight down the path of socialism and enemy number one to socialism is the church.

What will it take?

No one is going to save America except the church. And the local church is essential in the fight. Christ won the victory over sin by His death on the cross. But the application of that victory is now in the hands of the church. We have to APPLY our authority. God’s warfare against Satan is carried out by people submitted to Him that are actively resisting Satan by insisting at all costs, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Pray. Stand against evil. Speak the truth. Share the gospel. Vote. Defend your freedom.

In short, do everything it takes to be able to look your children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them you did everything you could to protect their freedom of religion and prevent them from living in a prison of socialism.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

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2 Responses

  1. I agree whole heartedly with wanting to to be able to look my children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them I am doing everything I can to protect their freedom—but what do you do if they do not think their freedom is being threatened? They think the new administration ( the Democratic Party) is more humanitarian and accepting of all people than we conservatives. I have watched with great sadness as they have drunk the Democrats’ Kool-aid. Conversations have become increasingly touchy to the point that we avoid it. Do you have any suggestions on how to open up conversation without creating family friction? For example, my children ( grown) have expressed their concern several times that, at this point in time, I am choosing not to get the COVID vaccination. My daughter thinks my choice is due to my political affiliation and that I have a different “world view” from her. They say they are Christians. But I am concerned they are choosing what parts of the Bible they choose to believe. We used to embrace the same values and politics. I do not know how we got to this point! Any pointers would be appreciated.

    1. Becky, It is so hard when our kids have a different viewpoint, especially on big issues! Even if they don’t know they are drowning, keep throwing them a flotation device and fight to get the water turned off. I think a key to having conversations with grown children is responding when they initiate. You mention they have expressed concern several times about your decision related to vaccines. I encourage any time they mention a subject to ask to have an open conversation about it at that time. IF the goal is for you to share your reasons, NOT to change their opinion, it can strengthen and rebuild relationships. It’s the same with sharing the gospel. It became much easier when I let go of the pressure and expectation to convince someone to get saved. My responsibility was just to share MY testimony, my experience and relationship with Jesus which is not something someone can argue against. They may not agree with me, but they can’t undo what God has done for me. “And they overcame the enemy with the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” And keep praying. The enemy would like to minimize the impact that a praying mom has, but it is powerful! Blessings, Elaine

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