Time to Unleash U.S. Energy Production

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Policies to push the transition replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, resulting in increasing gas prices, began long before Russia invaded Ukraine. (Shutting down Keystone XL pipeline, increasing regulations, restricting drilling on public lands, etc.) There has been no attempt to hide this fact. Do not be deceived by the gaslighting media and this administration that tries to blame all-time high gas prices on the invasion.

Green New Deal ideology does not care about pain to the individual. You are collateral damage for the greater good. The rich will pay the higher gas prices and buy their $50k+ electric cars. Mid-to low-income families will suffer the most.

When asked about increasing domestic production to help reduce rising gas prices, Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded that companies in the U.S. pumped more oil during Biden’s first year in office than they did during his predecessor’s first year. But this is misleading. Yes, we are producing more than Trump’s FIRST year in office, but less than each of the following THREE years. THIS is deception at its finest.

You cannot simultaneously wage war on fossil fuels and stop Russia from waging war against Ukraine without inflicting tremendous pain on the American people. It is time to unleash the productivity of the U.S. energy industry.

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